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The Copernicus App Lab provides an easy data access platform that brings together the scientific Earth observation (EO) community and mobile developers – which is crucial to the success of EO business development. A proof-of-concept will provide data from the Copernicus Land, Marine Environment, and Atmosphere Monitoring Services as linked open data to promote the inclusion of EO data in mobile applications.

The European Earth observation programme Copernicus offers myriad forms of data that enable citizens, businesses, public authorities, policy makers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to gain insights into our planet on a free, open, and comprehensive basis. By making the vast majority of its data, analyses, forecasts, and maps freely available and accessible, Copernicus contributes to the development of innovative applications and services that seek to make our world safer, healthier, and economically stronger. However, the potential (in both societal and economic terms) of these huge amounts of data can only be fully exploited if using them is made as simple as possible. Here, the straightforward data access every downstream service developer requires must also be combined with in-depth knowledge of EO data processing. The Copernicus App Lab proposal therefore aims to address these specific challenges by bridging the digital divide between the established, science-driven Earth observation community and the young, innovative, entrepreneurial world of mobile development.

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Empowering the uptake of the Copernicus Services

Improving data utilisation

Opening up business opportunities

Providing simplified access and smarter data

All the tools available as open source

Engaging the user community


  • 1 Nov 16

    Official start of the Copernicus App Lab project

  • 1 June – 24 July

    Registration open for beta-testing in line with the prestigious Space App Camp

  • CW 31

    Notification of selected participants for beta-testing

  • 11 – 18 Sept 17

    Space App Camp at ESA ESRIN, Italy

  • TBD

    Online beta-testing open

  • Oct/Nov 17

    Adjustment of work plan and specifications according to user feedback gathered during beta-testing.

  • Oct 18

    Offering a proof-of-concept at the immediate disposal of the Copernicus Services and any downstream service interested in promoting the uptake of Copernicus data in mobile applications.


Copernicus Services providing a vast amount of data

Free and open data access

Myriad applications for mobile devices

Worldwide coverage

2024 market for commercial EO data expected to reach USD 3.5bn*
* Quelle Euroconsult, Paris


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