The European Earth observation programme Copernicus is all about delivering products and services to manage and protect the environment, natural resources, and citizen safety. The monitoring capacity of Copernicus will be used for the benefit of both Europe and the international community. The Copernicus Services address six main thematic areas: land monitoring, marine environment monitoring, atmosphere monitoring, emergency management, climate change, and security.
The Copernicus Services provide standardised multi-purpose information common to a broad range of application areas relevant to EU policies, many of which are implemented at national or regional levels in the interest of sustainability.

The evolution of these services from the research stage to operational use is continuing at a steady pace. In each of the service areas, the range of products designed to meet the needs of specific user groups is growing. The development of products and services downstream from the Copernicus Services is expected to serve specific national (or trans-national), regional, and local information needs, as well as the needs of niche European and global markets. These services have reached different degrees of maturity. Some have been operational since 2012 (land monitoring and emergency management) or 2015 (atmosphere monitoring and marine monitoring), while others are in the development phase (climate change monitoring and services for security applications).

The Copernicus Services and data are provided to users free of charge.

Source: ESA and EC