Step one – Get familiar with tools that make accessing EO data a snap


Step two – Build your own mobile application using EO data


Step three – Got some questions? Find all the support you need


Step four – Provide your feedback to help us improve our product


Step five – Get rewarded for your hard work


Take the chance to be among the first to test the Copernicus App Lab tools. You will have a chance to experience how our tools make it easy to find, analyse and integrate data into your apps. We invite you to join our beta testing phase, and provide us with any feedback you may have.


In order to become familiar with the data and new tools, we strongly recommend starting with the “Greenest City” use case we have prepared for you! There you will find useful tips that will help you complete the beta test.

To get a better understanding of the datasets and even run some analytics on them, you can use the tools described in the Data & Analytics section.

If you are interested in using linked data to build your application, you can find more details in the Linked Data section. There you can view all the datasets we have prepared for you as linked data, along with details and examples of how to access and combine the data in your application.

Let’s get testing! If you find yourself lost or in need of assistance, we’re here to help. You can find details on how to communicate with the support team here. Your thoughts are also important to us, so please spend some time filling out the questionnaire at the end of the testing phase. This will enable us to incorporate your feedback into the further development of the tools.


The terms of participation below apply to all those who sign up as beta users in the H2020 project Copernicus App Lab. If you plan to participate in our beta testing, please read the terms carefully, as your participation will acknowledge your acceptance of them.

Download rules



For questions on:

  • Linked Open Data Tools
  • Linked Data
  • SPARQL endpoints access

Please get in touch with: George Stamoulis

For questions on:

  • Finding the right data
  • Data access throuh the API
  • Data analytics

Please get in touch with: Valentijn Venus

For general questions please get in touch with: Ulrike Daniels