Want some guidance on how to use the principles of web semantics to build an app using open linked data? Read up on our use case ideas below and start making use of data from the Copernicus atmosphere, land monitoring, and ocean services like a pro. And remember, we also offer online technical support if you get stuck!



Whether the goal is to increase tourism, work on city branding or make your city attractive to live in, a lot of cities like to claim that they are ‘Green’. However, green can have many interpretations, from sustainable to the actual vegetation in the city. This use case focuses on how to decide what is the greenest capital in Europe, and how to validate this claim.

The presentation below illustrates this use case and the different ways in which “greenness” can be interpreted. It also highlights how our platform makes it easier to solve such issues and the role linked data can play in this regard.

Below the presentation, you can find a more comprehensive explanation of how to answer a question like “What is the greenest capital of Europe?”, the choices that can be made in this process, and how you can use our platform and tools in response.